Cell Shield

CellShield™ is the latest development in Audiotel’s range of detection products aimed at detecting cell phones switched on or off even when they hidden on the person or screened for concealment.

CellShield™ is essential in the fight against unauthorised cell phones and certain types of weapon (knives & guns) in corporate establishments, schools & colleges, data centers, prisons and correctional establishments.

Capable of differentiating between targets CellShield™ avoids the need to remove all metal objects thereby saving on the time and resource associated with standard metal detector devices


  • Prevent unauthorised Cell Phones in Government and Corporate facilities
  • Protect Data Centres
  • Stop use of Cell Phones in schools and colleges during examinations
  • Detect contraband Cell Phones in prisons and correctional establishments
  • Protect public and private entertainment venues where cell phones are prohibited

Key Features

  • Highly Portable
  • Free standing or installed
  • Audio and LED Alarm
  • Rapid One Person Set Up
  • Simple operation
  • Battery or A/C power (using DC adaptor)
  • Showerproof
  • Freestanding, wall-mounted or installed in door frame
  • 2 year Warranty