NGOs and PGOs face the challenge of fulfilling their mission in the face of difficult environmental conditions and limited resources, all the while needing to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of communications among their staff.

While some staff work from a fixed base, others must perform their work in remote areas or under conditions in which they cannot rely on a local network infrastructure. From offices in large city agglomerations to remote field hospitals, an NGO or PGO can securely interconnect staff members using GSMK CryptoPhone products.

Example Setup:

  • Mobile voice and message encryption for staff members in the field: GSMK Cryptophone CP500 secure mobile phones.
  • Secure calls from offices and other permanent installations using the IP desktop phone for end-to-end encrypted voice over IP communications on any IP network: GSMK Cryptophone IP 19
  • Satellite voice encryption: GSMK Cryptophone CP500 in combination with a Thuraya/Inmarsat satellite terminal.
  • Fixed-line voice encryption for detached missions:GSMK Cryptophone IP 19
  • Satellite voice encryption for communication with project teams in remote areas, when the local communications infrastructure has been destroyed, or when its use is not advisable: GSMK Cryptophone CP500 in combination with a Thuraya/Inmarsat satellite terminal.
  • All GSMK CryptoPhone encryption products in this scenario are fully interoperable with each other, allowing for encrypted calls mobile to mobile, mobile to fixed-line, mobile to satellite, etc.
  • All GSMK Cryptophone products are interoperable with each other.
  • Secure mobile telephone calls can be established on any number of mobile networks (including roaming and cross border connections).
  • The use of the Thuraya satellite network allows secure calls from areas without GSM coverage or when the user does not want to be visible on the local GSM network.