Private Individuals

The confidentiality of private telephone calls has come under attack from many different angles. At risk are executives as well as private individuals whose privacy is being threatened by increasingly sophisticated adversaries.

International travellers who must routinely exchange private information or conduct sensitive business transactions from abroad are a prime target. GSMK CryptoPhones can provide an easy-to-deploy solution for confidential domestic and international telephone calls.

Example Setup:

  • Mobile voice and message encryption: GSMK Cryptophone CP500
  • Fixed-line voice encryption (IP): GSMK Cryptophone IP 19
  • Satellite voice encryption (Thuraya/Inmarsat): GSMK Cryptophone IP for Satellite Links option in combination with a Thuraya/Inmarsat satellite bearer.
  • All GSMK CryptoPhones in this scenario are fully interoperable with each other, allowing for encrypted calls mobile to mobile, mobile to fixed-line, mobile to satellite, etc.
  • Encrypted calls can be established from any location – whether on the road, from the office, or from a boat in international waters