ALFIE – Personal ECM Jammer assurance detector

ALert For Inhibition Equipment (ALFIE) is a simple to use personal alarm that alerts users to the loss of protection from their ECM jamming systems.

ALFIE is configurable for up to 5 channels operating from 10MHz up to 3GHz. It indicates the loss of the protective jamming signal by controllable visual, audio or vibration alerts.

ALFIE has an adjustable received signal strength threshold and benefits from an automatic ‘erase’ function to protect its programmed frequencies in the event of equipment loss or compromise.

Users of ALFIE include any personnel that use ECM Jammers for protection against RC-IED threats.


ALFIE is an essential Force Protection tool that:

  • Provides real time warning or indication to the user that they may be nearing the edge or stepping outside of their ECM protection cover
  • Provides real time protection to the user if any ECM equipment fails
  • Gives greater flexibility to operate within protection bubble
  • Supports extended deployments due to long battery life
  • Can be used in a multitude of environments due to its robust design

Key Features

  • Configurable for RSSI threshold and alerts
  • Simple to configure with customers protection systems
  • Easy to operate with minimal user training
  • Compact, lightweight and low profile design
  • Quick to deploy for immediate protection
  • Able to poll for signals to reduce battery consumption
  • BIT to give the user confidence and cancel alarm function
  • Fill upload via MMI
  • IP67 rated