The SS7 core infrastructure can no longer be trusted

Our multi-year research has identified a number of severe vulnerabilities in the Signalling System 7 core infrastructure protocols for voice networks

Track Users

Track subscribers down to street level

Billing Fraud

Modify subscriber data for billing fraud

Intercept Calls

Remote interception of telephone calls

GSMK Oversight System

The GSMK Oversight product line addresses recently publicized security vulnerabilities in the SS7 communications protocol that forms the foundation of most inter-operator traffic exchange.

The security vulnerabilities, which were disclosed in late December 2014, allow mobile subscriber tracking, remote eavesdropping on calls and messages, and billing fraud. Responding to this exorbitant threat, and developed in close cooperation with SS7 expert sternraute Corporation,

Oversight Detect is a comprehensive intrusion detection system that is capable of identifying protocol violations and/or misuse by fraudsters and other unauthorized foreign or domestic entities alike. Using high-performance real time analysis as well as a state of the art monitoring rule set with automatic updates, Oversight Detect permits network operators to identify and report threats.

Oversight Protect is an SS7 firewall solution that can automatically block illegal traffic at each SS7 Signal Transfer Point, thus preventing such traffic from penetrating the core network.

SS7 Network Penetration Testing
The Oversight SS7 testing & consulting offering is designed to assist a mobile network operator in finding out up to what extent network elements (HLR, VLR/MSC, SGSN) under the client’s management are vulnerable against certain known SS7/MAP attack vectors.

What is SS7?

Short for Signaling System 7, SS7 creates an international roaming infrastructure, that by it’s nature, transmits confidential customer data
between networks and countries to support the seamless roaming services subscribers expect.