The first and only strategic real-time IMSI catcher detection system


Real-time, permanently up-to-date operating environment.

Network System

Provides a national situation report concerning attacks over the air interface.

Detect Attacks

Highly reliable detection of suspicious network anomalies and attacks.

Detect and localize attacks that are distributed over a geographic area

The GSMK Overwatch network security system is the world’s first system capable of distributed detection, localization, alarming and neutralization of active attacks on mobile communications.

Leveraging GSMK’s patented Baseband Firewall technology, sensor software installed on standard commercial mobile phones combined with powerful stationary sensors permits the cost-efficient detection of rogue base stations, including fake cell towers known as “IMSI catchers”, as well as individual attacks carried out over the air interface.

The system integrates and synthesizes data from GSMK Baseband Firewall software running on mobile devices as well as stationary sensors in a national situation report for cellular communications, allowing mobile network operators for the first time to detect and combat rogue base stations used for eavesdropping and fraudulent activities in real time.

Strategic Solution

Designed for distributed detection and localization, with many sensors spread over a large area.